Monday, January 30, 2006

Well since setting up my blog i haven't actually used it. But that's cos fun activities have been few and far between since getting back to uni. I did dress up as a french punk the other week wearing a moustache and excessive amounts of hair gel! (pictures not available for public viewing!) Other than that weeks consist of large amounts of work (that is painting pictures... last week I designed ceramics and place mats for those that think i only design wallpaper!), CU, church and the occasional game of pool in the union!
This weekend I travelled to the beautiful land of Stafford (and anyone that has lived in Stoke for 3 years would think it was beautiful) for Andy's birthday and the baptism of 3 friends. After a meal at a pub somewhere in Cannock Chase we headed off to a random carpark on a very cold and frosty night for a wide game. It turned out to be slightly more of an orienteering challenge than a widegame yet still fun especially when i lost my shoe in a bog.. yet somehow we managed to win the game. After a late night game of Perudo we headed to bed for a small amount of kip, not surprisingly i was almost asleep in church in the morning! After an afternoon of more fun and games we headed to church for the baptisms. Must admit that it was one of the best services I've been to in a long while... there's not alot better than hearing what God has done in people's lives. It left me so encouraged and i was loving a bit of our God is a great big God with the actions! After church there were more games and more food before heading back in the early hours to lovely Stoke. Cant say i was too happy about it but i left smiling remembering how good God is and how fab it is to be part of a big christian family..sounds cheesy but its ace.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Seeing in the New Year at Josh and Lizzys.

Monday, January 02, 2006

woohoo, I have officially become a computer geek and got myself a blog!